About Us

The journey of over 3 decades would not have been as exciting and fulfilling without the unconditional support of all our customers & our sales partners, I would like to express our deep gratitude to you for you all have made Polycab as one of the outstanding companies in our industry.

The advent of the second millennium has brought in its wake a transformation in the mindset of the customers. The expectation of customer has risen exponentially. This trend is here to stay and we have to gear up towards keeping our customers totally satisfied.

Despite our rapid growth and elevation to the leadership position in the industry, the simplicity in Polycab's flexibility and openness to new market trends and changing technology continue to be our driving force. The core values of, simplicity, team work, trust amongst people, customer focus and meeting commitments have given us a unique position and respectability among the Indian industry.

Gearing up for the future and to keep winning in tomorrow's world, we have our well recognized market presence with a strong product portfolio, streamlined and efficient manufacturing capabilities to withstand the winds of change. But we wil) need to be even more proactive, agile and customer centric. We will need to anticipate the future and be ready with solutions, even before the customer asks for them.


To build a stong brand and maintain superior quality standard for customer satisfaction.


Achieve numero uno position in cable industry in terms of volume,turnover and quality in the Asian Continent.

Quality Policy

1. Planning

The Polycab Group believes in "Total Quality Assurance in all of its product services based on customer needs and expectations. Continuous dedicated efforts are made by the groups marketing: design as well as quality control departments to assure that the Quality expectations staled or implied are met with innovative advancements. Customers requirements along with the orders are taken into consideration in Quality Planning, with due care on designing. manufactunng. testing and performance aspects.

1.Raw Materials

Care Is taken to see that only the beet raw material go in making all Polycab products. Each consignment of cables is exhaustively tested by highly qualified, experienced and dedicated testing team before clearance & dispatch Assuring that only the best finished product reaches our valued consumers.

Why Arihant Cables?

A very valid question for any purchaser as the number of good quality manufacturers approaching the purchaser leaves him in a dilemma to choose the best out of the lot. Every vendor claims to have 1St, claims to be using best quality of raw materials (Electrolytic Copper, high grade Aluminum and claims to be using required grade PVC. particularly giving FR/FIRLS grade insulation, wherever it is claimed.) For the purchaser to arrive at a fairly reasonable selection of a particular brand he needs to ensure confirmation on the following points from the vendor.